Beginners Basics Licensed Pattern Bundle by Hannah Gilly

Beginners Basics Licensed Pattern Bundle

If you're hoping to start selling some of your knits but are struggling to find patterns to use, this is the place for you.
I've brought together collections of patterns with license to sell included, to create aesthetically coordinated sets of knitwear.
This bundle provides a range of beginners patterns for adults and children, easy and quick to knit up with chunky yarns.

If you’re a knitter who wants to start selling your finished items, this is a bundle for you!
By purchasing this bundle of patterns I give you full license to sell as many items knitted from these patterns as can fly off your needles!

(Just to be clear, this listing is for the patterns only, not the finished items.
Each pattern is presented in English, with UK English knitting terms. Where necessary, in these beginner patterns, I have explained further to prevent confusion with UK/US knitting traditions.

This is an ad-free, printable, pdf download.)

Included in this pattern bundle you will find six patterns:

Beginners Chunky Beret, one size, adult
Beginners Chunky Scarf, one size, adult
Two-Tone Moss Beanie one size, adult
Two-Tone Pom Beanie, two sizes, teen & adult
Childs Tassel Hat, two sizes, 3-6 yr & 7-11yr.
Fingerless Mitts, one size, teen/adult

All these patterns are knitted in chunky yarn, making it easy to coordinate and choose matching and complimentary yarns.

What is a licensed pattern bundle?
The Knit With Hannah licensed pattern bundles contain grouped patterns, within a niche, collated especially for you to knit up and sell. By purchasing the group of patterns with a license you can sell as many individual items as you choose, year after year.

Buying knitting patterns with what is known as a 'cottage license' allows you to knit from copyrighted patterns and sell the finished items, either privately, through a small business. A cottage license does not allow mass production of finished items, nor does it grant you permission to give away or sell copies of the actual pattern documents.

Why do you need it?
Finding patterns to knit up for sale can be a difficult task. So many knitting patterns only allow for 'personal use', which adds to the time and stress taken to prepare for selling your knits- when you're thinking this should actually be a glorious opportunity you could only excel at!

Passing this task on to me, of creating patterns and bringing together a collection, so you can get back to your knitting, is exactly what this product hopes to achieve.

Why buy from me?
By preparing this bundle for you I've used my experience to put together an aesthetic group of accessories, that your customers will love. Knitters of almost any experience could take hold of these patterns and knit them up for sale.
My patterns are easy to read, always have full abbreviations listed and are written in long-hand where necessary, to prevent confusion. I also include photos to illustrate the finished result.

Skill Level
All patterns in this bundle are suitable for those who have been knitting for a while. Knitting and shaping techniques are limited to beginner/intermediate level. Secret knitting jargon is included, but only when absolutely necessary! 

And full, written, abbreviation support is given with each pattern.

Items knitted in chunky yarn need 100g, and use 5.5mm, 6mm & 6.5mm knitting needles.
Also needed are a pair of scissors, a measuring tape and a knitter’s sewing needle or tapestry needle.

Buy Licensed Pattern Bundle for £67

Patterns Included

Beginners Chunky Beret

Beginners Chunky Scarf

Two-Tone Moss Beanie

Two-Tone Pom Beanie

Childs Tassel Hat

Chunky Fingerless Mitts

What's included?

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What's Included?

Cottage License Basics
3.25 MB
Beginners Chunky Knit Beret
4.34 MB
Beginners Chunky Knit Scarf
1.45 MB
Two-Tone Moss Beanie
4.05 MB
Two-Tone Pom Beanie
3.21 MB
Childs Tassel Hat
3.45 MB
Beginners Fingerless Mitts.pdf
8.66 MB