Classic Stitch Bookmarks Bootcamp by Hannah Gilly

Classic Stitch Bookmarks Bootcamp

These are perfect easy knits for experienced knitters or as next-steps knits for beginners.
The best bit?
You'll have a reminder of your knitting prowess every time you pick up your latest read!

What's Inside?

- set of six bookmark tutorials, covering six classic stitch patterns.
- perfect for learning about moving between knit and purl stitches
- full step-by-step videos for all patterns,
great for adding a personalised touch with giving a book as a gift

While knitting through this video course you'll learn the fundamentals of beginner's knitting.
- you'll be a knit and purl phenomenon by the time you're through!
- take the pattern-reading skills that you pick up into your next knits,
- lots of small knitting projects are a great way to practice casting on and casting off,
- and your stitches will be more even, 
- and what about those unexpected holes? you'll be able to make them intentionally, and less likely to make them accidentally.

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What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 1 file


Start Here
3 mins
Bookmark Patterns PDF
1.76 MB
Casting On
7 mins
Knitting Stitches For Beginners
11 mins
Classic Stitches Part One
Long Garter Stitch
7 mins
Moss Stitch
5 mins
Double Moss Stitch
7 mins
Classic Stitches Part Two
Squares Bookmark
6 mins
Basketweave Bookmark
11 mins
Casting Off
3 mins
Weaving In Ends
5 mins
10 mins