Christmas Knitting Master Planner by Hannah Gilly

Christmas Knitting Master Planner

Plan your Christmas knits over a lazy weekend and match yarns, colours, styles and fits to all your gift list, without seeing the result gathering dust on Boxing Day!

Let's start planning your knits today!

Gift a heart-stopping 'wow' as well as the knit!

  • With a set of step-by-step videos you're going to find ideas for this year's Christmas knits that light up the hearts of those who open gifts from you.

  • You can repeat the process for each knit you make, creating an amazing array of pitch-perfect presents that you will no longer hesitate over as you wrap. (that old... 'is it really good enough?' will be running through your mind no more)

  • Your nephew will hug you over and again when he sees you on Boxing Day. Just imagine gifting him a Harry Potter inspired hat at the age of nine, and he'll still be squeezing it on his head when he's off to University. That's the kind of impact you can have this year, if you watch the lessons and take the action with your knitting I know you're capable of.

Start planning your knits today - just £25

What's Included?

- 5 videos helping you define what you're knitting for each person.
- 5 videos guiding you through adding all the details to each knit, so they're loved and worn for  years to come.
- discover how the colours you choose will make a big difference.
- learn some sizing tricks, so anything you knit will fit like a glove!
- become a detective about which knits to choose for which recipient.
- BONUS video and cheatsheet guide to help choose colours in pairs.

Spend 30mins watching the first videos, while you're waiting for your party dress to be delivered post-haste by FedEx.
Then spend an afternoon in a coffee shop (or the café in your local yarn store!) planning the yarns and patterns you'll use when knitting for family in the run-up for Christmas.
Start planning your knits today - just £25

What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 1 file


1 min
Christmas Knitting Planning PDF.pdf
10.7 MB
What's Happening?
3 mins
Stash Knits
4 mins
Love Knits
3 mins
Stash Yarn
3 mins
Plot And Plan
5 mins
Christmas Knitting Details
Christmas Knitting Colours
6 mins
Christmas Knitting Novelty
6 mins
Christmas Knitting Sizes
7 mins
Christmas Knitting Extra Tips
9 mins
Christmas Knitting BONUS Colour Duets
11 mins