Circle Skills Workshop by Hannah Gilly

Circle Skills Workshop

When you've been knitting on flat needles since you first developed a thirst for stitches and rows, circular needles look terrifying.
Learn all you need in this workshop - you're going to love spinning around once you've knitted through all the videos - you'll be picking up these circular needles for every patten you can lay your hands on!

What's inside?

- learn all about circular knitting on circular needles
- discover the only two cast-on methods you'll need for circular knitting
- how to knit 'jog-less' stripes
- convert patterns from flat knitting to circular knitting, lickety-split!
- AND full-step-by-step tutorials to knit flat circles on circular needles, with two different methods.
Through this video course you'll learn the fundamentals of circular knitting. And will feel ready to go it alone. 
- You'll be converting flat patterns, 
- creating your own patterns, 
- knitting up patterns written by others 
- and astonishing yourself with all you achieve after these.
I even share my favourite books on circular knitting, so once you've followed along with the video tutorials you'll feel more able to go it alone and start book-learning too.
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What's included?

Video Icon 12 videos File Icon 1 file


Getting Started
Circular Needle Choices
7 mins
Casting On Cable Method
8 mins
Casting On Longtail
8 mins
Casting On Longtail 2
4 mins
Knitting In The Round
Magic Loop
9 mins
Stripes In The Round
5 mins
Converting Patterns... st-st
9 mins
Converting Patterns... cables and reverse st-st
7 mins
Converting Patterns... Lace
7 mins
Knitting Flat Circles
Coaster Tutorial Inside Out
20 mins
Coaster Tutorial Outside In
18 mins
Circle Coaster Patterns
6.66 MB
Circular Knitting Recommended Books
8 mins