Intuitive Knitting

A Six-Week Knitting Course, Giving You Intermediate And Advanced Knitting Knowledge

Helping You Substitute The Yarn And Read Patterns, Without WIPs And UFOs Taking The Limelight From Your Finished Knits.

What's Going Wrong With Your Needles And Yarn?

  • Do you switch a yarn and you end up with a jumper or hat completely the wrong size?
  • Are there bits of jargon that you thought you'd have under control by now, but they just keep getting more confusing?
  • Perhaps you're knitting for more hours and your fingers, elbows and neck are asking for some respite?

You're In The Right Place!

  • When I first substituted yarn I forgot that the needles might have to change too.
  • I had to research through books, try out instructions and ask fellow knitters, and still make mistakes before I realised where the jargon fitted with the pattern.
  • And I had to begin yoga for a whole other reason before I realised how much it could actually help me in my knitting. The simplest parts of yoga have supported me as I knit ever since.

So What Does Intuitive Knitting Give You That I Needed?

You will learn the next-step knitting knowledge that will make knitting larger items and being more creative with your knitting easier.  You'll see fewer mistakes too.

I realised that a lot of the time it wasn't the pattern or the yarn that put the brakes on my knitting, it was the way that I approached them. I learned as much as I could about substituting yarn, about using different tools for different projects and supporting myself with fewer WIPS on the go at once.

You'll surprise yourself at how quickly your knitting changes, just from shifting few choices as you knit. 

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Yarn Substitution

Being flexible with your yarn choices isn't really an option when you knit regularly. It's a must.

The suggested yarn isn't always available and there are many elements that will make substitutes good, better or best. When you're knitting it can feel all about your fingers, needles and stitches, but the foundation of stitches can be found in the yarn.

Planning Your Knits

You may see yourself as a planner or not in every day life. But this is where you'll notice a difference as you knit more.

If you've ever finished knitting something and spent the next two weeks flicking through patterns, browsing online for inspiration or starting and stopping multiple projects without feeling fulfilled, this module of lessons is for you.
 Learn the benefits of planning and the best tactics to employ when searching for new inspiration.

Reading Patterns

So many knitters give up because of the difficulty this can pose.

There are tricks to reading patterns, that once you know you'll knit through a pattern with more ease. It can be more methodical and I encourage you to give in to when you would like a bit of grace in finding the right method for you.

All the abbreviation tutorials are here too!

Finishing Your Knits

Are you a secret knitter with unfinished projects that have been hidden under the spare room bed with guilt?

Maybe there are seams not sewn, buttons not attached, collars not knitted? 
Let's get those fantastic knits finished and in use! You'll find lots of tutorials and tips here to make each knit fly off your needles and into the hands of the recipient.

Caring For Your Knits

Finished Knits want to be loved and cherished for many years.

Caring for the fabric and making sure nothing untoward happens is our prime focus in this module.

We'll also explore different methods of storing your knits too as you change your wardrobe throughout the year.

Sustainable Knitting

We want to knit for a lifetime yes?

In these last lessons we'll address our ability to knit for a lifetime. 
Taking care of our hands, wrists, minds and bodies so the next generations will learn from us and be able to knit for a lifetime too

Find out too which choices we can make in what we knit, who we knit for and what we knit with that can keep knitting alive without being wasteful and  indiscreet.

What knitters who've learned with Hannah are saying already....

"I’m going to knit another pair of mitts but I’m using a different yarn and I’m going to make them a bit longer. Two years ago I wouldn’t have had the courage to look at them and think , oh I just need a couple of extra repeats here." 

Sharon, UK

"Knitting under your umbrella, as it were, has given me the confidence to branch out from the simplest patterns and try new things, which in turn has reinvigorated my love of knitting." 

Sarah, Scotland
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Hi, I'm Hannah

I've been knitting since I was 4-years-old. (Over 4 decades!) While knitting as a tween and teen I began to realise that it was up to me to empower myself in my knitting, if I ever wanted to to be good enough to be thought of as the Miss Marple knitter of my generation!
I began learning all I could by knitting and making mistakes. Believe me when I say that it took me decades to really understand what was sitting on my needles and how I could make my knitting journey feel easier. I'm excited to share all my wins and failures with you, so you can fast-track your knitting success.

Who is Intuitive Knitting For?

Who Is it For?

  • someone who has been knitting for awhile, has maybe gone through The Masterful Knitter course and has had time to practice all those skills.
  • an enthusiastic learner, you'll go through the lessons and take action when you need to, so you get exactly what you need from this course.
  • a knitter who has maybe knitted in the past, and needs reminders of all the advanced details, like substituting yarn so the next few knits will be motivating and successful.
  • a knitter with a little experience who want to learn everything, or a veteran, who has picked up their yarn and needles consistently over the years and still feels a bit confused over the finer details.

Who is it not for?

  • someone who is a new knitter or feels like a beginner knitter, The Masterful Knitter course would be a great first step to explore yarn and pattern-reading skills.
  • anyone who only knits occasionally and doesn't want to move further at the moment. If you want to learn more about knitting you need to find a passion for learning and practicing what you learn. 
  • someone who would prefer one-to-one support. This is a self-guided course, you'll learn a lot if you go through all the lessons, but you might prefer a yarn-store workshop, or to join the Knit With Hannah membership alongside while going through the lessons
  • anyone who struggles with technology and will never use the videos as it means logging into a website.

What's included?

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Workshop: 3 Steps to Decluttering your WIPs and UFOs
49 mins
3 Steps to Decluttering WIPs and UFOs PDF
6.49 MB
Finishing WIPs Decide PDF
32.3 KB
Finishing Knits Plan PDF
29 KB
Where to start
Free 3 months of Membership
Yarn Substitution
The Ball Band
15 mins
Ball Band PDF
27.9 KB
3 Elements Of Yarn
9 mins
3 Elements Of Yarn PDF
43.5 KB
Yarn Length Calculator
8 mins
Yarn Length Calculator PDF
29 KB
Knitting Up Tension Squares
9 mins
Tension Squares PDF
27.9 KB
To Sub Or Not To Sub
12 mins
Needles And Tension
7 mins
Needles and Tension PDF
39.4 KB
Yarn Weights
11 mins
Yarn Bobbins Templates PDF
15.8 KB
Conversion Chart PDF
26.6 KB
Substitution Downloads PDF
56.4 KB
Planning Your Knits
Big Picture
6 mins
Big Picture PDF
27.9 KB
Why Are You Knitting?
7 mins
Why Are You Knitting? PDF
28 KB
What Are You Knitting?
6 mins
What Are You Knitting? PDF
27.8 KB
Who Are You Knitting For?
5 mins
Who Are You Knitting For? PDF
27.6 KB
Prepare Your Knits
5 mins
BONUS Knitting Addict
5 mins
Pattern Finding Formula PDF
5.94 MB
Yarn Finding Formula PDF
5.13 MB
Pattern And Yarn Finding Formula PDF
6.4 MB
Reading Patterns
You're In Charge
7 mins
You're In Charge PDF
31.5 KB
Divide and Conquer
6 mins
Divide and Conquer PDF
29.7 KB
Knitter's Jargon
7 mins
Jargon Busted PDF
350 KB
Abbreviations and Needles Chart
498 KB
Text Or Chart?
6 mins
Finishing Knits
Finishing Knits Intro
3 mins
WIPs Decisions
8 mins
Finishing WIPS Decisions PDF
32.3 KB
Finish WIPs Plan
7 mins
Finishing Knits Plan PDF
29 KB
6 mins
8 mins
8 mins
Caring For Your Knits
5 mins
Washing and Drying
12 mins
Storing Your Knits
8 mins
Sustainable Knitting
Yarn Choices
6 mins
Need vs Want
5 mins
Digits and Limb Care
7 mins
Healthy Knitting
3 mins
5min Yoga: Tension Release
8 mins
Breathe Through Mistakes
4 mins
Connective Tissue Tension Release
9 mins