Pattern Writing Made Easy

No more searching for the perfect pattern... discover the secrets of writing one yourself!
Whether you want to sell the patterns, knit up the new designs for yourself or start an Etsy shop with whole collections of your couture creations, this is the perfect place to start.

Another headache for knitters!

There are times when the ideal pattern just can't be found. And if you're knitting for profit finding one that allows you to sell the finished item is just another headache. So learning to create your own patterns, just as you like them, is the perfect solution.

It's easier than you think!

You really can do this. With a few precise steps and your own personal touch, you'll be creating your own designs very soon.
As someone who's been designing knitwear since 2008 I know it's the best way to get the finish I want. I get to explore different knitting techniques, then come up with ways to show them off in my own unique way.
Whether you're selling the final pieces or the patterns, knitters will flock to your store because of the way your style is shining from each stitch.
Start writing your patterns today!

What's included?

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Pattern Writing
Make Your Pattern Your Own
9 mins
Make Your Pattern Your Own Worksheet
92.5 KB
Pattern Must-Haves
11 mins
Pattern Must-Haves Worksheet
59.7 KB
Pattern Sales
Pricing Templates
13 mins
BONUS Pattern Pricing Calculator
1.41 MB
Photos To Sell Your Pattern For You
9 mins
Photos That Sell Your Pattern For You Worksheet
58.2 KB
Pattern Tech Vault
Pattern Templates
Pattern Templates (editing in Canva)
17 mins
Colour Palettes
13 mins
Pattern Charts
13 mins
Squared Paper to print
2.05 KB
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