Profit Knits Workshops

Join me for 6 live Profitable Knitting Workshops, to help you shift your knitting business from imagined to reality, from hobby to entrepreneurial success.
You'll up your income, sell more knits and have time to spare, even if you're just beginning or ready to give up.

It's Time To Make Some Choices

  • There are times in a knitting business when you spend the days and weeks pondering if you're doing the right thing.
  • You wonder why you're bothering - does anyone care but you?
  • Knitting is such a pleasure, creating new items, finishing knits regularly.
  • But is anyone interested in buying from you? 
  • You constantly second-guess and change your mind about what you're selling, who your customers are and whether you want to continue.

Let's get You Sorted Once And For All

  • This summer you can prepare and plan, organise your business, find focus and realign with what feels good.
  • In September the notorious rush appears (and perhaps that's when you're wondering if anyone will rush to you!)
  • You'll be ready this year, not only with your products but with your customer service, your prices and processes.
  • Most importantly, you will quickly discover what will work best for you, you'll have great fun (and still love knitting while you're doing it!), without having to rely on trial and error!

What's in the Profit Knits Workshops?

Each workshop will be live, by video, with time for Q&A and chat.
I'll answer questions during and at the end of the workshop and there's also the opportunity for you to join me on video and get answers relative to your specific business.
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Workshop #1 May 2020

  • As you assess and prepare your knitting biz for success you'll start making choices.
  • I'll help you figure out which parts of the knitting market are right for you to target.
  • We'll assess the 'niching' question - does it apply to you and how firmly do you need to apply it to your choices?

Workshop #2 June 2020

  • What about those prices that you spend so much time worrying over?
  • "If they're too low I'll be thought of as 'cheap', too high and no one will buy!"
  • You need practical and mindset strategies to get those prices fixed - once they're set you needn't concern yourself with them any more! (really... it can be that simple)

Workshop #3 July 2020

  • If you love your archetype quizzes and personality tests, this one's for you.
  • Your knitting style, the way you interact with customers and enjoy your life in general can create a perfectly unique biz.
  • I'll show you how many knitting businesses thrive because there's a perfect place out there for everyone.

Workshop #4 Aug. 2020

  • Blogs ain't what they used to be. It's not 2005 and we're not all chatting on forums 24/7.
  • I promise that you'll not have to talk about your dog's trip to the vet, or your latest kitchen mishap; you can focus on your knitting.
  • You'll learn which topics are important for which types of businesses, and whether you might find a YouTube channel, a podcast or TikTok more up your alley.

Workshop #5 Sept. 2020

  • I bet you can name many high street stores that you go to again and again.
  • And how about your hairdresser - you don't change salon every 2 months!
  • That's what we're going to set up for you. You need repeat customers, superfans and recommendations, to build a business with long-term success.
  • I'll share strategies, systems and inside secrets to preparing your business to attract and keep the customers who you'll be able to serve best.

Workshop #6 Oct. 2020

  • In this last workshop in the series it's time to send you on your way with all the tools you need to continue embodying greatness.
  • 'Working hard,' 'to-do list,' and 'hustle' aren't in my dictionary; I'll share with you how you can show them the door too.
  • 99% of the time long-term success isn't due to fluke meetings or chance offers - I'll show you how you can build a confident creative business that gives you joy every step of the way.

Hi I'm Hannah,

I've been knitting since I was 4-years-old. (Almost 4 decades!) I began selling my crafts as a teenager and quickly learned lots of strategies to encourage sales.
I began designing and selling my knits in 2008 and am excited to share all my wins and failures with you, so you can fast-track your knitting success.
I've been teaching as long as I can remember and my super power is breaking down ideas into achievable steps... I use it for good not evil!

What's included?

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Workshop One: Choose Your Perfect Knits For Profit
Workshop 1 Replay
(1h 17m 30s)
Choose Your Perfect Knits For Profit Printable PDF
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Choose Your Perfect Knits For Profit digital PDF
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Slides from Workshop 1 (PDF)
31.4 MB
Questions From First Workshop
Pattern Template
PWME pattern templates canva.mp4
17 mins
Workshop Two: The Pricing Dilemma - Solved!
Workshop 2 Replay
(1h 08m 48s)
Pricing Dilemma Worksheets printable PDF
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Pricing Dilemma Worksheet Digital PDF
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Slides from Workshop 2 (PDF)
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BONUS Pricing Time Sheet printable PDF
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BONUS Pricing Time Sheet Digital PDF
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Workshop Three: Elevate Your Biz By Being You
Workshop 3 Replay
(1h 06m 14s)
Slides from Workshop 3 (PDF)
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Be You Worksheet printable PDF
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Be You Worksheets Digital PDF
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Knitting Biz Personality Quiz
Workshop Four: Build A Knitting Blog That Gets Noticed
Workshop 4 Replay
49 mins
Slides from Workshop 4 (PDF)
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Blogging Worksheet Printable PDF
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Blogging Worksheet Digital PDF
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Workshop Five: Unlocking Repeat Customers And Superfans
Workshop 5 Replay
60 mins
Slides from Workshop 5 (PDF)
78.3 MB
MailChimp tutorial (email writing)
24 mins
Live Profit Knits Workshops
Workshops Schedule Summer 2020
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Choose Your Perfect Knits For Profit
The Pricing Dilemma - Solved!
Elevate Your Biz By Being You
Build A Knitting Blog That Gets Noticed
Unlocking Repeat Customers And SuperFans
Your Confident Journey To Long-term Success
Profit Knits Bonuses
Up to 5 knitters will get a bonus shop front audit
1 knitter will win a blog-busting brainstorm
A bonus workshop will assess everyone's social media
1 knitter will win a knitwear collection conversation