The Masterful Knitter

A Six-Week Knitting Mastermind For Beginners, To Learn Everything You Need To Become A Contented Life-Long Knitter 

You Can Embrace That Netflix-Knitter Who's Deep-Down Inside!

Yarn Mastery

The yarn master inside you will flourish and grow.

When you're knitting it can feel all about your fingers, needles and stitches, but the foundation of stitches can be found in the yarn.
That's what you do first, right? Pick out your yarn?
Without a selection process and an understanding of what makes yarn, yarn, you're possibly making a big mistake before you've even picked up your needles.

We'll fix that with this first week, You'll learn all about yarn thickness, yarn fibres and yarn selection. We'll also find your perfect needles this week too.

Jargon Translator

Begin the healing journey of translating that mysterious knitting code.

Yarn on your needles? great!
Stitches forming nicely? fantastic!
But what about the strange knitting language that's sitting infront of you when you knit from a knitting magazine, blogpost or book?
You'll no longer be tearing your hair out with confusion!

Hermione will be proud of you. :D  Once you've gone through this week's lessons and started the exercises I suggest, you'll be the jargon translator everyone turns to in times of knitting jargon crisis!

Knitting Doctor

The knitting surgery is open for business!

Broken bones from kicking yourself after all those knitty mistakes? No more!
When you've tried diagnosing and fixing mistakes like I used to, you know there must be an easier way. I'm going to help you.

Believe me, if you've got a mishap in your knitting I've had it before and I've cured it too. There is a whole module of lessons, full of mistake-fixes and diagnosis techniques.
The best bit about this? Once you've diagnosed and fixed mistakes with knitting-doctor.

Knitting Benefits

Discover the many reasons that knitters knit for a life-time.

It's no secret that knitters don't just knit to make things. We know it's good for your health and if you knit in a group then it's a great way to socialise.

Anything else you can think of?
(well there's obviously the bonus of freeing house-elves too!)
You'll be astounded by the multitude of ways that knitting can benefit your mind, body and soul.

In this live workshop you'll be able to join in with the discussion while learning the 10+ ways I know knitting has benefitted knitters around the world.

Creativity Queen

Become willing and able to make your own choices while knitting.

Creativity while following a designer's instructions on knitting a scarf, a hat  or jumper may seem like an oxymoron.
But you can be creative, in the simplest ways to make a knit your own.

This week you'll also learn about the stages of knitting towards dream knits. With so many knitting pinnacles - from traditional cable jumpers and cosy winter fair-isle socks, to lacy Downton Abbey shawls and paradoxical Doctor Who scarves!

Knitting Mastery

Repeat after me: "I am a knitting master".

Wondering what to knit next?
Gone through a few tutorials and thinking you'd like to branch out a bit?
Excited by last week's Creativity inspiration?

We'll plan your next few knitting projects this week, and set you on your way to utilise all that you've learned in this course, to knit for a life-time

I'll show you that once you have foundation skills under your belt, the knitting world is your oyster! (or maybe your sheep!)

What's included?

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Yarn Mastery
Yarn Weights 101
13 mins
Yarn fibres
17 mins
Yarn Selection pdf
50.7 KB
Yarn weight comparison chart
22.6 KB
Jargon Translator
Knitting Jargon Part 1
17 mins
Knitting Jargon Part 2
8 mins
Knitting Jargon Bookmarks
461 KB
Knitting Doctor
Garter Stitch: stitches back on needles
5 mins
Garter Stitch: Dropped stitch
6 mins
Garter Stitch: unexpected holes
9 mins
Garter Stitch: rescue line
8 mins
St-St: dropped stitch.mp4
3 mins
St-St: tinking
6 mins
St-St: rescue line
9 mins
Ribbing: single stitch repair
4 mins
Ribbing: tinking
6 mins
Ribbing: rescue line
7 mins
Border: stitch repair
7 mins
Knitting Benefits
The Benefits Of Knitting Workshop
32 mins
TMK Benefits Of Knitting Workshop .pdf
618 KB
Creativity Queen
Pattern creativity
7 mins
Colour Changing Yarn
12 mins
Fibre Choices
10 mins
Pattern Creativity pdf
51.7 KB
Colour Duets pdf
744 KB
Knitting Master
What To Knit Now I Know How To Knit
5 mins
When To Knit Larger Items
13 mins
Planning Your Knitting
12 mins
The Masterful Knitter_Planning Your Knits.pdf
51.3 KB
Bookmark Bonus
10 mins
Bookmark Knitting Patterns
1.77 MB
Knitting Jargon flash cards pack 2.pdf
99.9 KB
Knitting Jargon flash cards pack 1.pdf
98.9 KB